Fuji & Hiro

My Story

We need to rehome His Meowjesty Hiro (grey tux) and Court Jester Fuji (b&w tux).

These bonded boys are super sweet, very mellow, hilarious, and timid.

We adopted the boys from a foster network and while they’ve lived with our family for a few years now, it’s clear that we need to find them a quieter place with no kids to call their furever home. Will you let these lovely boys into your lives?

Fuji is the giant goofball – he chases grapes and bouncy balls, is clumsy, and jumps in front of my video camera for many of my calls each day to stare into the camera. He loves chasing strings around and rubbing up against our legs. He follows us around, sometimes jumps in our laps once in awhile, but almost never meows. He doesn’t purr as much but when he gets going he’s got a little engine. Fuji also knows and responds to his name, and he’ll eat silverfish for us!
Fuji likes to be close by his humans, and know that they are nearby. He’s absolutely hilarious and cracks us up all the time.

The boys are both super gentle and we believe they will do best in a quieter home with no other pets and kids.

Contact Aaron
Email: ackhousemail@gmail.com
Phone: (510) 910-0451

Facts About Me
Age 4 years
Gender Male
Breed Tuxedo
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