Dot and Buddy

My Story

Introducing Buddy and Dot, the heartwarming brother and sister duo who will melt your heart with their endearing bond. Amid the hustle and bustle of the shelter, these precious angels find themselves in a world of noise and chaos, leaving them shy and anxious. Yet, their previous family lovingly recounted their sociable and affectionate nature, revealing the hidden treasures of their true personalities. Buddy is a handsome boy with a sweet and gentle nature, while Dot is a charming girl with a playful and curious spirit. They share an inseparable bond and love to cuddle and play together. If you have a gentle and patient heart and appreciate the delicate beauty of gentle souls like Buddy and Dot, they would be delighted to meet you and become a cherished part of your home. With their charming personalities and close bond, they promise to bring joy, love, and warmth to your life.

Facts About Me
Age 10 y; 7 m
Weight 6 lbs; 9 oz
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair
Bonded With Buddy
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