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Daisy is a five-year-old yellow lab mix who I rescued from Chicago. She was taken from her elderly owner and found, several months later, with clear signs of neglect. Despite the harsh conditions, she has the sweetest disposition. Daisy is playful and energetic and does well with both children and adults. She will need some training to be around other dogs, as she was not previously socialized but is very smart and a quick learner! Daisy has been developing some “rescue dog” behavior, such as resource guarding with food and toys, which I believe stems from the prolonged neglect and a lot of moving around as a foster. Daisy is the sweetest girl and especially opens up once she builds trust and familiarity. She loves to cuddle and is endearingly protective of her humans by standing watch and ensuring everyone is okay. Daisy makes for the best companion and will thrive with stability and care. The ideal candidate is someone who will be patient and loving as she adapts to her new environment. A home with a yard would be suitable for her energy or at least substantial walks. Daisy deserves the very best because she is the kindest soul whose been dealt a rough hand. Please contact me with any further questions or inquiries about meeting Daisy.

Contact Maya
Email: foreverhome4daisy@gmail.com
Phone: (847) 648-1020

Facts About Me
Age 5 years
Gender Female
Breed Yellow Lab mix
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