My Story

Cosmo is a cosmically cool canine. He is such a joy to be around. He does best when you let him come to you and initiate some nice play with his favorite toys. He prefers not to be picked up most times but he loves to come over to you for some cute cuddles and affection, especially after playtime. He has also done well in our small dog playgroups! Cosmo will do best with a caring adopter who will listen to his behavior cues and be there to give him affection and playtime.

**Special offer for a special dog! Cosmo has been at the shelter for several months and it’s time to find their forever home. Do you think Cosmo might be your one and only, but need to make sure it’s a good fit first? You can foster Cosmo to find out! If you’d like to do a week-long foster trial period with Cosmo, with the end goal of adopting them, please come check them out!

Facts About Me
Age 1 y; 7 m
Weight 15 lbs; 6 oz
Gender Male
Breed Chihuahua
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