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Do you want a super silly dog that loves to chase leaves in the wind, tear up eucalyptus bark and fetch tiny balls? Someone who will tolerate sweaters, loves to be pampered and has a big personality? Coconut is a nut and would love to keep her, but during this trying time for our family, we can not keep her unfortunately.

Looking for a single owner or a family with kids that are gentle and sweet. She is fully potty trained, but she has a bit of a sensitive tummy and not a huge travel bug. So if you’re wanting to take her on long car rides, she’s probably not the right fit. She would prefer a stay at home kind of owner and if you keep her on her diet without feeding her human food or too many treats, her tummy issues stay at bay.

She’s a beautiful dog and very sweet once she warms up to you. Best way to do that is to get her on a comfy bed, pillow or blanket and she’ll be all yours! She will need a lot of love and reassurance because she is really attached to us now, so if you have a big heart and plenty of hugs to share you might be just the thing for each other!

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Phone: (415) 218-9571

Facts About Me
Age 5 years
Gender Female
Breed Chihuahua mix
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