Meet Bubba

Bubba is a 3 year old pitbull and cattle dog mix.
He’s a high energy, high need dog but will reward you with loyalty and affection.
His favorite games are tug of war, catch and rough housing. He’s fully house trained and knows several basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and shake. He’ll always let you know when he needs to go outside to potty.
He loves bringing you his favorite toys and putting them on your lap to let you know he’s ready to play.
He typically prefers falling asleep on his own dog bed nearby yours but will sometimes decide he’d rather sleep right next to you. He typically follows his owner room to room to try and stay as close as possible.
Bubba does not do the best with dogs he’s not familiar with so it’s not recommended to take him to the dog park but has no problem when going on walks. He doesn’t lunge at cars, people or other dogs, but will at the occasional squirrel.
Unfortunately the main reason for his need to be rehomed is his frequent medical issues. He’s a very sensitive dog and seems to regularly be afflicted with some sort of skin, ear or intestinal issue. Hard times have fallen on me, his owner, and I no longer have to ability to care for his high needs.
Bubba would make a great dog someone with big dog or special need dog experience. Not recommended for first time dog owners or someone with a busy schedule.
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Phone: (510) 730-8656

Age: 3 years

Gender: Male

Breed: Pitbull/Cattle dog

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