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Bruno is an incredibly loving dog. He always greets us coming when we get home like it’s the best thing that’s happened to him that day. He loves to play tug of war, chase a Frisbee, or just carry a stick. He also seems to have a proficiency for basketball; good luck getting the ball back once he steals it! As much as he enjoys all these things, there’s nothing that makes him happier than being able to run full out across a field.

Bruno always wants to be with his people, even if it means just laying down on our feet. He will crawl up into our lap and lick our face all over if we let him.

Bruno does have some triggers. He is a cattle dog and will occasionally herd/nip at us. He does not like to be restrained by his collar (he bit my dad once when this happened), so we use a slip leash, which works really well. He occasionally has some resource guarding behavior when it comes to his crate; we keep his crate out of the way to prevent this. And as much as he loves kids, he weighs more than most of them and can knock them over, just trying to show his love.

Bruno is a wonderful loving dog. We would keep him, but having him in the house is giving my father anxiety. We hope we can find a loving home for him.

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Phone: (707) 799-6561

Facts About Me
Age 1 year
Gender Male
Breed Australian cattle dog/shepherd
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