Meet Bosco

Bosco is a wonderful dog, who needs a home with older children (8+), or no children.

We’ve had him since he was 4 months old, and he’ll be 2 years old in December. We were encouraged to get a puppy so he would grow up and be well-socialized with our toddler. Unfortunately, it’s become clear that he’s stressed out by being around small kids, and it hasn’t meaningfully improved in the 15 months we’ve had him.

It’s clear he views small kids as competition for attention, and just feels a lot of anxiety living with one (he does not get jealous for attention around multiple adults). When our toddler is out of the house, he relaxes immensely. We have a second child on the way, and we think adding another baby into the mix is only going to make things harder for him.

Despite his anxiety around small kids, he has NEVER shown any concerning behavior with our toddler (or anyone), in any way. He can absolutely be around kids –he has handled our toddler’s attempts to play with him with grace– but it’s just not optimal for him to live with a child full-time.

Bosco is a sweet, wonderful, affectionate dog. We’re only rehoming him because we just can’t provide the environment he needs to thrive.

Bosco does fine with other dogs; he regularly goes to the dog park and daycare. He really mirrors the dogs he’s playing with. If the dogs just want to race around, he’ll do that. If other dogs are getting rambunctious, he’ll get rambunctious too. He has no experience with cats.

We think it would be in his best interest to join his new home before our baby arrives in a few months, but we want to make sure he goes to the RIGHT home, where the conditions set him up for success, and where he’ll be loved just the way he is.

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Phone: (916) 591-0117

Age: 1 year

Gender: Male

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

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