Meet Betty

Hi! I’m Betty! Some call me Busy Betty because I like to keep busy. I am only about one year old and that is a good thing because being so young gives me lots of energy to keep busy. Busy Betty! That’s me and I am glad to meet you!

I am hoping that you have room in your busy home for me! I would like a home with a BIG (fenced) yard so I could run and play with you and other dogs. I LIKE other dogs a lot! I am practicing to not pull when I am on a leash and people say that I have improved a bunch! I would make a great running companion! I would like a home where people and dogs like me a lot and are happy to spend time with me. I promise to keep learning stuff to make that happen.

Betty, her Mom and two siblings (from another litter) were abandoned on a San Joaquin County farm road in April 2023. All were underweight and demonstrated food aggression. None knew how to walk on a leash and proper dog manners were negligible. Staffs and volunteers have given these four deserving dogs plenty of attention and the improvements have been enormous. Betty initially demonstrated a strong prey instinct which, while greatly improved over the course of a few months, it would be best if she not be with small animals (cats, rabbits, birds, etc.) She really enjoys her leash walks and has learned not to pull. Betty is skilled at jumping short fences. She doesn’t do it to escape, but rather; to be with whoever is on the other side!

Betty is a very good natured and happy happy girl. Her smile is particularly endearing due to an underbite. Betty tries hard to please. Betty is looking for a forever home where she can practice 24/7.

Contact Constance
Phone: (510) 325-8900

Age: 1 year

Gender: Female

Breed: Mix

Come visit me and my friends at the Mission Adoption Center!

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