My Story

In the Spring of 2021, my father adopted Athena (via Craigslist). She was 3 years old.
In the summer of 2021, he had to move to Europe and left the dog behind. She was thin and covered in ticks and had not seen a vet. In December 2021, concerned with Athena’s well-being, we had her spayed & vaccinated and brought her to our home in San Francisco.

Athena is very smart and responds well to training. We’ve worked with a certified dog trainer to encourage good behavior.
She’s very protective around our family. Though she barks at new people entering our home, she has never bitten anyone, as far as we know.
Athena has lots of energy. She loves to run and wrestle with other dogs.

We have 3 young children (aged 2, 7, and 10). We love Athena to pieces. It breaks our heart that we can’t keep her. Our only hope is that we find a loving home for her. Ideally, someone with plenty of space, physical strength, and time to give her love and attention.

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Phone: (415) 314-6680

Facts About Me
Age 4 years
Gender Female
Breed Husky Staffordshire terrier mix
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