Meet Jar Jar

Jar Jar is an adorable little Terrier mix with a Dachshund-type body and a super sweet face. He loves going for walks with our volunteer team and hanging out in the yard afterwards, getting lots of pets and leaning in. Jar Jar has been working hard on learning basic doggy manners, including passing other dogs politely on leash, and he’s made great progress! Jar Jar has been in playgroup with other small dogs and has had a blast. He loves to play and has a great spirit. Jar Jar needs some time and space when getting to know new people. Treats will be your friend! Jar Jar would love to go to a quiet home without too many people and too much activity. He will benefit from an adopter who will continue working on the great training routine he has started at the shelter.

Think you and Jar Jar might be a match, but you want to do a trial run at home first?
You can foster Jar Jar—meaning you’ll take them home for one week with the intention of adopting them at the end of their stay. If things don’t work out, you can always bring them back to us. If you’re interested, come see us or contact us at to learn more.

Age: 1 y, 8 m

Weight: 19 lbs; 12 oz

Gender: Male

Breed: Terrier

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