Meet Blissy

This dog has us feeling so Blissy! As a young adult, she is quite an energetic dog, but we’ve discovered her secret LOVE for training! This incredibly smart gal will jump out of excitement sometimes, but then almost immediately remember “A sit gets me a treat.” You’ll barely get the word out of your mouth before she automatically offers you a sit. You just better provide with that yummy reward she deserves afterwards! She’s also practicing other foundational cues such as Look, Touch, 180 Turns, and more. Just like humans, mental enrichment is just as important as physical exercise. (I’m personally hoping her future owners get her those talking buttons.) If you’re up for a dog that’s looking forward to further building a foundation of positive training, trust, and love, it will be so rewarding (and blissful!) getting to know this sweet, beautiful girl! Blissy is the type of adventure you’ve been searching for. Adopt her today!

Age: 10 m

Weight: 50 lbs; 8 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Terrier

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