Meet Queen Jolie

Introducing Queen Jolie, hailing from the regal realms of Fresno. Due to her shyness, she prefers to take small steps towards ascending the San Francisco social ladder. This soon-to-be aristocat has humble desires and is on a quest for a loving castle, whether it be with a patient lone knight or a caring entire court. After devoting her time to nurturing her royal kittens, Queen Jolie is now gradually gearing up for her next grand adventure. She is in search of loyal subjects who will cherish her in her tranquil moments. Drop by to catch a glimpse of this ebony enchantress. Her sleek coat not only adds to her beauty but also reflects her equally captivating personality, albeit in a more reserved manner.

Age: 2 y

Weight: 6 lbs; 9 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Come visit me and my friends at the Mission Adoption Center!

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