Meet Shoes

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, allow me to introduce the dynamic duo of Shoes and Otto—the bonded brothers who have just made a grand entrance into our shelter. They’re already making themselves at home in their swanky new digs.

Otto, the social butterfly of the pair, wastes no time strutting his stuff and charming everyone in sight. He’s never met a spotlight he didn’t love! Meanwhile, Shoes, our resident introvert, prefers a more mysterious approach. He’s the kind of cool cat who values his alone time, carefully plotting his grand entrance from behind the curtain. When he does grace us with his presence, it’s nothing short of a red-carpet moment.

Together, these dashing boys are the purr-fect combo of pizzazz and mystique. And while they’re getting cozy in the shelter, they’re ready to unleash their full star power in a forever home that’s worthy of their fabulousness. Come on down and meet the cat-celebrities that everyone’s been talking about!

Age: 2 y, 3 m

Weight: 8 lbs; 9 oz

Gender: Male

Breed: Domestic Medium Hair

Bonded with: Otto

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