Meet Kai

**Special offer for a special dog! Kai has been at the shelter for several months and it’s time to find their forever home. Do you think Kai might be your one and only, but need to make sure it’s a good fit first? You can foster Kai to find out! If you’d like to do a week-long foster trial period with Kai, with the end goal of adopting them, please come check them out!

Gorgeous boy Kai has a lot of fans here! He’s adjusting to 3 legs like a champ, with the help of our encouraging volunteers. A squeaky toy can lure him anywhere! He’s a super affectionate young lad who will be getting back to his active self in no time. He loves hanging out in our outdoor park with his peeps and is already playing with balls and stuffy toys while we keep him on leash for safety while he heals. He also loves to simply hang out and soak up the sun. Come meet Kai today!

Age: 9 m

Weight: 61 lbs; 11 oz

Gender: Male

Breed: Doberman Pinscher

Come visit me and my friends at the Mission Adoption Center!

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