Meet Salsa

Who can resist a good Salsa? (No one. The answer is no one.) Salsa, a 6-year-old Poodle mix just recently came back to our shelter after living in a home for a couple of years. We happily welcomed her back and her previous owner shared with us a lot of super useful information to set her up for success in her next home. Salsa is a sensitive soul that does not appreciate being over-blended by the mortar and pestle. In other words, she likes when people approach her slowly, get to know her and earn her trust before allowing some gentle pets. Salsa is an ace at walking on leash and does not pull. She will get a few sniffs in, will walk past other dogs and humans politely, and will keep a steady pace. She’s the perfect low-key walking buddy! Salsa has also attended playgroup with other small dogs and gets along well with those she’s met. She’s happy to hang with other pups but really prefers the company of humans, especially those with chicken!

Salsa is looking for someone to honor her boundaries and practice consent, like when you’re ordering a savory burrito, and the person taking your order asks “Do you want guac with that?” The answer is [obviously] yes, but the person still asked! Can you spare patience, TLC, and dog-friendly tortilla chips for this silly little sunshine ball of flavor? Salsa is waiting to join you at the dinner table!

Age: 6 y, 4 m

Weight: 21 lbs

Gender: Female

Breed: Poodle

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