Meet Manny

Meet Manny, a lovely black and tan short coat Chihuahua who knows how to win hearts with his loyalty and loving nature.

Manny’s curious spirit loves to explore and discover new things. When he’s not checking out his surroundings, you’ll find him snuggling up on your lap, showering you affectionately. Manny is an adventurous walker, eager to roam for miles, and enjoys making friends with other dogs during playgroups.

A bit on the shy side at first, Manny appreciates gentle interaction and a chance to warm up. He’s a smart pup, too, working on reward-based, positive reinforcement training to build his confidence. Manny’s savory treat of choice is chicken, and trust us; he knows deliciousness when he sees it!

Our dear Manny had to part ways with his previous home due to circumstances beyond their control. We recommend further socialization and training to help Manny settle into his new home.

If you’re ready to share your home and heart with this incredibly loving little guy, we welcome you to meet Manny in person. Your life is about to become “paws-itively” delightful!

Age: 5 y, 8 m

Weight: 13 lbs; 3 oz

Gender: Male

Breed: Chihuahua

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