Meet Yoshi

Yoshi, our cherished resident, is readjusting to shelter life, patiently awaiting a family to offer her the forever home she deserves. At the youthful age of nine, Yoshi exudes an invigorating spirit that captivates everyone around her. Her coat, a mesmerizing blend of white and gray, is irresistibly soft, inviting gentle strokes and tender interactions.

Although Yoshi may initially present a shy demeanor, her previous guardians have shared heartwarming tales of her deep affectionate nature. Once she feels secure, Yoshi transforms into a beacon of love, eagerly seeking out laps where she can curl up and soak in the affection she adores. Within the comforting confines of a home, her friendly, playful, and curious traits shine brightly, making her an endless source of joy and fascination.

We recognize that Yoshi may need some time to readjust and trust anew, but we’re confident in her capacity for love and companionship. This sweet, loving cat is not just looking for a house to live in; she’s searching for a home where she can thrive, share her abundant affection, and become an integral part of a loving family.

Age: 8 y, 9 m

Weight: 10 lbs; 9 oz

Gender: Female

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

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