No Place Like Home

View adoptable animals waiting in private homes.

The pets listed below are being rehomed by members of our community. They are not housed at the San Francisco SPCA and all arrangements to meet with these animals must be made directly with their guardians. Please note that the San Francisco SPCA accepts no responsibility for the pets posted to this page. Potential adopters are responsible for communicating with the pet’s guardian to acquire veterinary records and other necessary information and supplies. 

If you are interested in a pet on the rehoming page, please use the contact information provided by the owner in the pet’s listing. Do not click on the “Apply for [Pet’s Name]” or “How to Adopt” buttons. Those buttons do not work for animals listed for private rehoming. Filling out an “Interested in Adopting?” form will not put you in touch with the owner of the animal. Contacting the owner directly is the only way to indicate your interest in the animal.

There may be more than one applicant for an animal. The decision on who adopts the animal lies with the animal’s guardian.

This free service is a component of the San Francisco SPCA’s rehoming assistance. If you need to find a home for a pet you can no longer care for, please submit his or her profile.

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