San Francisco SPCA and San Francisco Animal Care & Control Are Full and Waiving Dog Adoption Fees

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Animal shelters across the nation are experiencing an influx of dogs and a decrease in demand for adoption

San Francisco, CA – June 6, 2022 – Animal shelters across the nation, including the San Francisco SPCA and San Francisco Animal Care & Control, are unusually full of dogs. The problem is twin fold: Many spay/neuter surgeries were delayed because of the pandemic, and consequently we’re now seeing more homeless animals. At the same time, the demand for adoptions is declining as the pandemic ends and life returns to normal. This is creating an unsustainable situation for shelters that simply can’t accommodate all of the dogs coming through their doors.

To help animals find their forever homes more quickly, both the SF SPCA and SFACC are waiving adoption fees:

  • SF SPCA is waiving adoption fees for all adult dogs (5+ months) as part of its Summer of Lovin’ adoption promotion
  • SFACC is waiving adoption fees for all dogs through June 30

“When you adopt, you’re not just saving one animal’s life, you’re also opening space in our shelter so we can save another animal,” said Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, CEO of the SF SPCA. “If you’ve been thinking about adopting, now is a great time. Our shelter is full and we have a huge variety of dogs – especially bigger dogs.”

“As an open-door animal shelter, SF Animal Care & Control (SFACC) takes in all species of animals, and all types of dogs, including lost dogs, dogs that need protective custody, dogs that are linked to investigations, and dogs surrendered by owners,” said Virginia Donohue, Executive Director of SFACC. “The number of dogs in our care – especially large ones – has significantly impacted our operations. We’re hoping that waiving our adoption fees will lead to many of our dogs finding loving new homes.”

Unfortunately, due to a lot of misunderstanding, bigger dogs often have a harder time getting adopted and are therefore being disproportionally impacted by the recent decline in adoption demand. Finding the perfect dog is less about size and more about personality and lifestyle. Big dogs can make wonderful family dogs and thrive in city apartments. Read the SF SPCA’s big dog myth busting article.

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About the San Francisco SPCA

The San Francisco SPCA is an independent, community-supported, nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to saving, protecting and providing immediate care for cats and dogs who are homeless, ill or in need of an advocate. The SF SPCA also works long-term to educate the community, reduce the number of unwanted kittens and puppies through spaying and neutering, and improve the quality of life for animals and their human companions. The organization does not receive government funding.

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About San Francisco Animal Care & Control

The Department of Animal Care & Control is a taxpayer-funded open-admission animal shelter.  Animal Care & Control provides housing, care and medical treatment to wild, exotic and domestic stray, lost, abandoned sick, injured and/or surrendered animals. Animal Care & Control aims to adopt, rehome or reunite domestic animals with their guardians and to release wildlife to their native habitats.  Animal Care & Control responds to animal related emergencies, including animal abuse and neglect, as well as matters of public safety. Animal Care & Control is located at 1419 Bryant Street San Francisco, CA 94103

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