Foster an Adult Dog

Foster AdultsThe San Francisco SPCA’s Square One program supports adult dogs who cannot thrive in a traditional shelter environment. These dogs come from challenging backgrounds and often have special needs. At communal shelters, many of those dogs would be euthanized. Square One creates a bridge between the shelter and a permanent home, by partnering with local and national rescue groups and through foster placements.

Square One ensures that every treatable animal gets a fair chance of being adopted.

Animals in Square One often remain in their foster homes until they're adopted. Their foster parent plays a critical role in finding a loving, permanent home.

Can you foster a dog in need of a home? Foster care of adult dogs has its own set of challenges, requirements and rewards. We've set up a special program to train and support adult dog foster volunteers. Sign up for the Intro to Dog Foster class to learn more and get started.

No classes scheduled currently.

Download our Dog Foster Application and FAQ.

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Wanda—A Square One Story

Wanda had a rough beginning before she entered the Square One program. The San Francisco Police Department rescued this sweet two-year-old pit bull from Golden Gate Park. The police brought Wanda to SF Animal Care and Control, which transferred her to us. Despite poor treatment in the past, Wanda was friendly, loving and social. Yet, she was continually overlooked at the adoption center.

Then we placed Wanda in a Square One foster home so she could get the personalized advocacy she deserved. Only three weeks later, Wanda found her permanent home. She's currently training for the Canine Good Citizen test, after which she'll be a therapy dog. Her guardian plans to enroll her in the SF SPCA's Animal Assisted Therapy program, which sends volunteer teams to nursing homes, hospitals, schools and similar facilities in San Francisco.

You can save a dog like Wanda. Email for more information.