Every year, we present awards in three categories to honor Heart of Gold donors who have made extraordinary contributions. 

  • The Youth Philanthropy award honors donors under the age of 18 who have given or raised funds for the animals. 
  • The Society Engagement award recognizes donors who support and are engaged with the San Francisco SPCA in three or more areas: as an adopter, hospital client, volunteer, or member of our Legacy Society or Sido Program. 
  • The Partnership in Fundraising award highlights donors who help us educate the community, raise funds and invite their friends and colleagues to support our mission.

2013 Youth Philanthropy Award

[Use pic form HGS Brunch] Caption: Alyssa Romo

Alyssa raised more than $20,000 for our animals and has served as an animal-assisted therapy volunteer for four years, along with her mom, Leesa, and their Standard Poodle, Trixie.

2013 Society Engagement Award

[Use pic from Annual Report] Caption: Dixie Bee Conner and Paul Shimer

In addition to being members of our Legacy Society,  Dixie and Paul have fostered nearly 1,000 kittens and several dogs, trained volunteers in our Macy’s Holiday Windows adoption program, adopted several pets and helped raise funds for our Foster Program.

2013 Partnership in Fundraising Award

[Use pic from HGS Brunch] Caption: Todd Curtiss

Todd was our champion at Google in San by creating a partnership that helped us raise more than $41,000.