Adult Dog Foster Homes Needed!

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Calling all foster volunteers!

We are urgently looking for foster homes for distemper positive adult dogs. If you’ve ever considered fostering an adult dog, now is the time! We really need your help!

Email if you can offer a place to stay for two weeks.  

We still urgently need:

Foster Volunteer Homes

Distemper FAQ

Canine Distemper is a contagious disease caused by a virus which attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system of unvaccinated puppies and adult dogs.  Symptoms include coughing, sneezing, ocular/nasal discharge. If it progresses, symptoms can become neurological, with face/body twitching and sometimes seizures.

We want to send these dogs to foster homes as quickly as possible because it’s much less stressful than a shelter environment and there is less exposure to disease. Many of the dogs who enter our shelter have not been vaccinated or we have vaccinated them only a few hours or days ago and the vaccine is not yet fully effective, so it’s important to get these distemper positive dogs to a foster home to minimize exposure for the rest of our shelter population as well.

One of our partner shelters in the Central Valley, Tulare County Animal Shelter, has the Canine Distemper virus in their facility. Our Shelter Medicine team, veterinarians from the University of Wisconsin, and others with experience in disease control are working with the Tulare staff to help contain the outbreak. We believe we have the medical resources and awesome foster parents necessary to support these dogs while we wait for their distemper to clear.

This is one of many opportunities to participate in the statewide life-saving shelter leadership of the SF SPCA’s Vision 2030 – please help us help these pups! 

Anyone! Current SF SPCA foster parents (puppies, kittens, adult animals,etc) and even people who aren’t current foster parents. Are your friends looking to help foster a dog? Great! Have them email us at to learn more.

If you have your own dog and they have received the DAPP vaccine, (the most common vaccine given to dogs,) your dog is protected from distemper. If you are concerned, you can check your dog’s medical records or bring your dog to the shelter and we can do a free titer test for you. We have had many distemper positive dogs go home with resident dogs and have never spread distemper. 

There are no known cases of humans ever becoming infected with distemper. Cats are also immune from canine distemper. 

Foster Alumni

Photo of Shania, a distemper positive adult dog who cleared Distemper while in foster and was adopted! These are her foster parents.

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