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Basket Muzzle

Sometimes it is beneficial for your dog to wear a basket muzzle. The muzzle will keep you and others safe. When your dog is properly introduced to the muzzle, it can make him more relaxed and comfortable during the behavior modification program—or anything else your dog may not like.

Head Halter Exercises

Teaching your dog to love his head halter makes your walks much more enjoyable for you and your dog. It’s well worth a little work at the outset to avoid having your dog stop many times during a walk to paw at his halter.

Head Halters and Harnesses

Using an anti-pull device like a head halter or front-buckle harness is a great way to prevent your dog from pulling on leash in a humane and natural way, as well as a way to better control larger or stronger dongs regardless of your own size and strength.

Private Trainer Referral List

Partial list of private San Francisco SPCA dog trainers in the Bay Area, updated periodically. Last update: June 9, 2015.

Recommended Reading

Download our list of great books about dog behavior, from practical how-to guides on specific issues to scholarly tomes on the origins and evolution of domestic dogs.