You're Invited: Global March for Elephants & Rhinos

elephant and rhino

Animal advocates, mark your calendars!  Bay Area residents are encouraged to join the San Francisco SPCA, March for Elephants, and others at the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos on Saturday, October 4th in San Francisco.

In a single day, people in cities from around the world will rally together as one voice against the devastating international elephant ivory and rhino horn trades. In the Bay Area, raising awareness is especially important.  San Francisco ranks second only to New York for ivory imports in the United States.  

Sadly, robbing elephants of their tusks and rhinos of their horns are among the most lucrative of wildlife crimes.  As a result, these animals are currently being driven to the brink of extinction at an alarming pace. Tens of thousands of elephants are brutally killed each year to meet the growing demand for ivory products, and conservationists estimate that only 410,000 to 650,000 elephants remain in Africa.  While only about 28,000 rhinos remain in the wild, more than 1,000 were poached last year alone for their horns, a three-fold increase from just three years earlier. 

In addition to the terrible suffering inflicted on these highly intelligent animals, wildlife trafficking destroys fragile ecosystems, threatens to overturn decades of conservation gains, fuels rampant corruption in developing countries, and even poses threats to world security. 

Sign up today to join the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos and also spread the word! Together, we can educate and engage others and help ensure that the world’s elephants and rhinos are not lost forever.