This beautiful pup is very affectionate and loving with the person she loves and trusts. She is a kissing machine when she knows you.
Lada is a pandemic puppy and is a little undersocialized and needs someone who can have patience and understanding of how to work with dogs and help her come out of her shell a bit more. She grew up very loved and cherished, so she is not aggressive. She is however shy with new people and pets. The owner has health issues and is unable to take care of Lada.
Lada would do best in a home without children as she hasn’t had a chance to be around them when growing up. She is very smart and adaptable and within a few days, she will warm up. She just needs help with socialization.

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After my divorce, Juno and I moved into a studio apartment together. Unfortunately, she is afraid in my apartment. It has gotten increasingly worse over time. I think she is claustrophobic and the noises and smells make her afraid.
I have been trying to find a bigger home for both of us but have not been able to find anything. Meanwhile, Juno’s anxiety gets worse. I have her on anxiety medication and still she is not comfortable.
I want to rehome her to a larger space where she can feel safe and definitely adopted by people who will love the heck out of her.

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