I thought long and hard before writing this post but it always comes back to the same thought, I need to re-home my sweet Teddy.

I adopted Teddy (2 years old/10 pounds) from the SPCA in October; he was one of 30 Pomeranian mix seized from a hoarding house.

He’s very sweet, cuddly and very calm at home. Because he was never walked before he wasn’t properly socialized. Also, being part of a pack means that he feels vulnerable walking outside by himself. Poor baby is stressed out and always on the look out.

We had a few dog training sessions but obedience is not his issue. He needs confidence and he’s at his happiest when we go to our friends’ house because he can play with their dog and go in the yard. I tried the dog park but he feels vulnerable and anxious being surrounded by dogs he doesn’t know although I can see that sometimes he’d love to play, but he’s just scared.

I recently saw a behaviorist who suggested meds and/or letting him stay home but he’s only 2 and a happy little guy so being cooped up at home would not be fair to him and while meds might help in the short term being with another dog is what he really needs. Teddy is playful and he likes to mimic other dogs. Having another dog is how he will socialize and builds his confidence. He also has so much fun roaming in the yard where he can explore.

Teddy has made a lot of progress since I got him. He’s potty trained, which is amazing given his background. He no longer wolfs down his food out of fear of not having any. He also doesn’t mind sharing his food and toys with other dogs. He’s no longer afraid of the dark and happily roams my friends’ yard in the evenings. He can left alone for 5-6 hours without barking, destroying anything or soiling.

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