Patches is a very sweet and affectionate kitty. He will snuggle with you and purr for hours. He would do best in a quiet home as the only animal with an owner who does not travel frequently. We have loved having Patches in our family however we have a chaotic household with two small children. When things get hectic or we are away for a few days Patches becomes lively and distressed. As a result he has had some behavioral issues on the past that resolve when order and quiet are restored. We would love for him to live with a living family that can provide an environment better suited for his temperament.

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Stray kittens…Her Mom was a feral cat that has been spayed and released. She has lived in my house with her sister the past 8 months..while I have looked for a home for them both.I need to place them both asap because I am having some needed work on my house and we are allergic.

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