Shy is a very sweet boy. He is one year and a half this year and he is happy as long as he’s by your side. He was trained for basic commands. He knows how to sit, shake, down, turnaround, stay, wait, heel. He’s smart and treat-motivated, though he can be a bit stubborn.

Unfortunately our apartment is keeping warning us that he could not stay…

Shy loves to play fetch. And he loves to play with human too! He was properly socialized. So he is also nice to other dogs unless other dogs do some impolite stuff.

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Allie is extremely loyal, playful, and loving with human members of her pack. She is completely house trained, an excellent car traveler, and is not destructive when left alone for long periods of time. While I have been with Allie for five years, through the majority of college and two cross country moves, I no longer have the time and lifestyle to give her the attention she deserves. She loves to hike, run, and chase a ball and will be an incredible addition to an active, dog loving family with the resources to care for her.

While Allie is adaptable and extraordinarily trainable, she would benefit from a caregiver who is confident around animals and comfortable working with and training obedience from a large, strong dog. Allie has a history of resource guarding with other dogs and prefers to be the lone animal in her household. She also exhibits occasional reactivity toward human and canine strangers and is protective of her human companions. Allie is an instinctual guard dog (despite my best efforts) and strangers must be properly introduced when entering the home.

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