Proposition 2

Proposition 2: The Awesome Power of Incremental Change

Hens in battery cages - Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

In 2015, Proposition 2 (also known as “Standards for Confining Farm Animals initiative”) went into effect in California. This landmark law requires that egg-laying hens have enough space to turn around, lie down, and fully extend their legs and wings—luxuries not afforded to the millions of hens confined in battery cages that provide less space per bird than a regular 8.5x11” sheet of paper.

Oppose the King Amendment to the Farm Bill Today

Battery Cage Chickens

The House-passed version of this year’s Farm Bill contains a dangerous provision from Rep. Steve King (R-IA) that would gut many existing state and local laws protecting animals and public safety, including laws that address farm animal confinement, puppy mills, horse slaughter and shark finning. The San Francisco SPCA asks that concerned citizens please contact their representatives now to urge them to strike the King Amendment (Sec. 11312) from the House-passed Farm Bill (H.R.