Behavior Library - Health

Anxiety Chemical Relievers

Learn about the types of anxiety relieving products on the market, so you can have a conversation with your veterinarian about the best course of treatment.

Carriers and Vet Visits

Helping your cat feel comfortable in a carrier will make travel and trips to the vet much easier.  Learn how to introduce your cat to a carrier with this step by step guide.

Dental Cleaning

Learn why it is important to properly care for your pet’s teeth and the benefits of using anesthesia for a thorough cleaning and examination.

FIV Information

Find out what Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is, how it spreads, and what to expect if your cat has FIV.  Cats with FIV have normal life expectancies.


Learn what causes fleas, how to prevent them including proper ways to treat your pet, and how to remove them if you have an infestation in your home.


Learn about choosing the right diet for your cat based on age and lifestyle to promote health and prevent obesity.

Recognizing and Managing Pain

Pets exhibit pain in a variety of ways, which can be difficult to recognize.  Learn how to identify pain in your pet and how to address it.


Learn about the different types of ticks and proper ways to prevent and remove ticks from your pet.


Cats can contract the disease toxoplasmosis by ingesting infected prey or raw meat.  Learn more about this disease and how to prevent infection to you and your cat.


Learn about the different types of vaccinations and why it is important to keep your cat properly vaccinated, even if she’s an indoor cat.