Behavior Library - Behavior Problems

Adopting a Fearful Cat

Learn how to bring a shy cat into your home, establish trust, and build a relationship with your new member of the family.

Affection Eaters

Learn tips to ensure your affection eater gets proper nutrition.

Aggression Toward People

Learn why cats act aggressively toward people and how to recognize aggressive behavior.

Correcting Unwanted Behavior

Learn appropriate ways to correct and manage your cat’s unwanted behavior.

Excessive Meowing

Learn why your cat is excessively meowing and ways to address this behavior.

Hiding Behavior

Learn how to introduce a cat into your home, particularly if the cat is shy and exhibits hiding behaviors.

Litter Box Problems

Learn why your cat is having trouble with the litter box and ways to address this issue, keeping in mind it may be a medical issue rather than behavioral.

Nocturnal Behavior

Cats tend to be more active at night.  Learn how to manage your cat’s behavior to get a restful night’s sleep.


Learn how to manage your cat’s overstimulation behaviors and learn how to appropriately interact with your cat.

Play Aggression

Learn what play aggression is and how to play in appropriate ways with your cat.