Workshops and Skill-Builders

The SF SPCA occassionally offers one-time workshops and skill building sessions.  These are a great opportunity to brush up on a certain training topic, or have fun for an hour or two with your dog!  See below for upcoming programs. 


Cool, Calm and Collected

Have fun working with your dog on calm behaviors and alternatives to jumping up!  We'll work on rewarding your dog for keeping 4 paws on the floor, keeping calm sits and downs with distractions and settling on a mat.  Being calm doesn't have to be boring - we'll work on alternating calm with fun and teach your dog that staying cool means access to great things - food, play and your attention. This class is for dogs 5 months and up who have completed Puppy Manners 1, Adolescent Manners 1 or Adult Manners 1 and need a little extra help focusing their bouncy joy for life. 

Not a good fit for reactive dogs or dogs with any aggression or reactivity to humans or other dogs, including barking, growling, lunging, snapping or biting.

Price: $35 per dog



Here Comes Your Dog

If coming when called is not your dog's favorite subject in class, we're here to help! Join us for a one-time intensive workshop to work toward creating an excellent recall.  We'll learn fun tricks, games, and ways that you can be more exciting than the many distractions San Francisco has to offer.  This workshop is not meant to replace a full Recall class, but if you are still struggling with a dog that has an understanding of recall but needs more assistance, this is the workshop for you to hone your skills and get new ideas!

Not a good fit for dogs with reactivity toward other dogs or people.  Open to dogs of any age.

Price: $40 per dog


  • Here Comes Your Dog - Saturday, August 18, 2:00 - 3:30 pm with Alisha: Register now.


Advanced Recall Techniques

Is your dog's recall getting close to rock-solid but you want to take it even further?  Recall is arguably the most important thing to teach your dog, and this workshop will help you advance your dog's master of this skill in the face of distraction.  This intensive will include focus activities, games to gain more relevance to your dog in the great outdoors, and the emergency recall.  Additional reading and videos will be provided. 

Not a good fit for dogs with reactivity toward other dogs or people.  Dogs should already have very good recall in low-to-mid-distraction environments. Open to dogs of any age.

Price: $45 per dog


  • Advanced Recall Techniques - Saturday, August 18, 4:00 - 6:00 pm with Alisha: Register now.


Agility for Fun

Come see what the sport of Agility is all about in our fun 1.5 hour session - open to beginners!  Come have fun and work off some of your dog's energy with exciting practice on wobble boards, tunnels, jumps, A-frames, and more! This is a great option for folks who can't commit to a full 6-week Agility class, or just want to have fun with their dog for a few hours.  Dogs must have a solid "Stay" and recall, and the ability to work calmly around other dogs and people. Open to dogs over 8 months of age.

Price: $45 per dog