Workshops and Skill-Builders

The SF SPCA occassionally offers one-time workshops and skill building sessions.  These are a great opportunity to brush up on a certain training topic, or have fun for an hour or two with your dog!  See below for upcoming programs. 


Tricks for Fun and Focus

Bring your pup for a 1.5 hour workshop where we will show you how to lure, shape and capture different tricky behaviors. What does that mean? Join us and find out! 

Tricks are a way to take the pressure off both dog and handler, so the communication is better and the training just feels like play. Let’s get tricky! Because when it comes to training, it’s all tricks, really.

Dogs of any age are welcome.  Dogs should be able to work comfortable on leash in the presence of other dogs and strangers.  Dogs with injuries not recommended. Senior dogs or puppies will be given modified tricks to do so we can make sure to prevent injury or over-doing it!

Price: $45 per dog


  • Tricks for Fun and Focus - Monday, October 8, 6:30 - 8:00 pm with Erika: Sorry, section and wait list are full.


Here Comes Your Dog!

Come to this workshop to learn fun tricks, games, and ways to be more exciting than the distractions of San Francisco so that your dog will learn to always come when you call!  

This 1.5 hour workshop not meant to replace a full recall class, as recall is a skill that takes hundreds of repetitions to be effective. However, if your dog needs more practice  with recall, this is the workshop for you to hone your skills and get new ideas!

Open to dogs of any age.  Dogs should not be reactive to other dogs or strangers either on or off leash.  Dogs should be able to focus on their owners in the presence of other dogs running.

Price: $45 per dog


  • Here Comes Your Dog - Friday, October 19, 6:00 - 7:30 pm with Alisha: Sorry, section and wait list are full.


Play Workshop

Toy play, food play, social play with the handler! Join us for a 1 hour workshop all about playing with your dog.   

Sometimes we get so structured in our training that we feel pressure and put pressure on ourselves and our dogs. Let’s loosen up and get silly in this one hour play workshop, designed to bring you and your dog closer and fine tune your play skills! We will focus on reading our dogs, learning their preferences, and making our training much more fun as we learn how to play. We will add structure to play and make it a valuable thing that our dogs can work for. We will learn to relax and be attractive play partners to our dog so we can bring out their very best selves. 

Dogs of any age are welcome.  Dogs should be able to work comfortably on leash in the presence of other dogs and strangers. 

Price: $35 per dog



Cool, Calm, Collected

Have fun working with your dog on calm behaviors and alternatives to jumping up in this one-hour workshop!  We'll work on rewarding your dog for keeping 4 paws on the floor, keeping calm sits and downs with distractions and settling on a mat.  Being calm doesn't have to be boring- we'll work on alternating calm with fun and teach your dog that staying cool = access to food, play and your attention.

For dogs over 5 months of age who have completed a Level 1 class and need a little extra help focusing their bouncy joy for life.  Reactive dogs or dogs with any aggression to humans or other dogs, including barking, growling, lunging, snapping or biting are not a good fit.

Price: $35



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