Leash Reactivity Support Group

This support group is intended for guardians of dogs who bark, lunge, growl, pull or otherwise react at other dogs while on leash. 

It’s tough having a leash-reactive dog, especially in a dense urban environment! Guardians of leash reactive dogs often find themselves feeling isolated, embarrassed and emotional about their dog’s behavior.  This support group was created with the goal of helping owners understand that it’s OK to have a reactive dog – that they are not alone, and that their dog is not a “bad” dog. 

Leash reactivity support group at the SF SPCA is a safe space for guardians of leash-reactive dogs to discuss their dog’s progress and setbacks, share their experiences, and find support and a safe space to vent their frustrations and concerns.

Please note:

This is a forum for dog owners committed to using humane, science-based, positive-reinforcement-based training methods.  We do not condone and will not permit recommendations of any punishment-based equipment or training methods within this group. 

This support group is a humans-only gathering.

The tips and advice that may be offered in support group cannot replace a qualified certified trainer or veterinary behaviorist - if you are struggling, please consider working with a professional.

Support group will be facilitated by an SF SPCA staff member.

Group values:

  • A commitment to positive-reinforcement training based in the most current science of canine learning
  • Confidentiality
  • Respect for others in the group
  • No judgement or unsolicited advice


Frequency & Duration: Once monthly for 1 hour, see below for Upcoming Sessions

Fee: Free (donations welcome to support our programs)

Location: 243 Alabama Street, Humane Education Classroom 2

Registration: No pre-registration needed.  This is a humans-only event; no dogs please. 


Upcoming sessions:

There are no sections scheduled at this time. We post sections regularly, so please check again soon!


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