Free Classes and Seminars

New Dog 101 (FREE!)

A highly informative session for anyone who has a dog, is a new adopter or is interested in getting a dog.

Puppy Parent Orientation (FREE!)

This one-hour session is essential for anyone who is a puppy parent or is thinking about adding a puppy to their life. Just show up; no pre-registration required.

FREE Fido Home Alone Seminar

This seminar doubles as the mandatory first session of the six-session Fido Home Alone class, in which owners train Fido that being home alone is a good thing by increasing mental stimulation and providing a healthy alone-time routine.

FREE Shy Dog Seminar

Do you want to better understand why your dog acts the way it does? We can help! In this seminar, you'll learn how you can help your dog overcome fear and anxiety to become more relaxed and happy.

FREE Reactive Rover Seminar

Is your dog aggressive to other dogs while on-leash?  In this seminar you’ll get an overview to help you and a primer for our Reactive Rover class.  All human family members are encouraged to attend - please leave your dog at home.

Questions? Please call 415.522.3509.