Big Personalities, Small Spaces: Apartment Living with Dogs

Living in an apartment building or condo with a dog can add an extra layer of challenge to the important areas of housebreaking, exercise, barking, training, alone-time practice and enrichment. 

Join us for a free humans-only seminar covering: 

  • The basics of how dogs learn, and how stress in dogs can affect their behavior
  • Understanding your dog's temperament and how to adjust apartment routines to ease stress
  • Strategies for dog guardians living in apartments to work togther to help make interactions less stressful for both dogs and humans
  • Management strategies to help reduce stress during common apartment building interactions

Specific skills taught: 

  • Leash management and basic leash reactivity strategies
  • Helpful cues to teach your dog
  • How to best manage dog-human and dog-dog interactions 
  • Protocols for elevators, blind corners, high-rise dog runs, and lobbies
  • Identifying why dogs bark and how to address common causes 
  • Housetraining resources for puppies and recent adoptions 


Please leave your pet at home - this is a humans-only seminar. Thanks!

There is no pre-registration required - you may just show up, as we have plenty of space available.

Frequency & Duration: Offered several times per year, 1.5 hours

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus

Upcoming seminar dates:

There are no sections scheduled at this time. We post sections regularly, so please check again soon!


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