Behavior Library - Dog Behavior Resources

Separating Fighting Dogs

Learn how to appropriately separate fighting dogs.

Separation-Related Problems

Learn what triggers separation-related problems and how to address them.  See also Alone Time Training Game, Independence Training, and KONG Stuffing handouts for more information.

Submissive and Excitement Urination

Learn the difference between submissive urination and excitement urination and how to address each.

Successful Dog Park Outings

Learn how to set your dog up for success in dog parks.

Thinking about Adopting a Puppy

Review this comparison chart about adopting a puppy or adult dog to learn which is a better match for you.


Learn about the different types of ticks and proper ways to prevent and remove ticks from your pet.

Training Philosophy

Learn about reward-based training for your dog.


Learn about the different types of vaccinations and why it is important to keep your dog properly vaccinated.

Will Baby Make Four

Learn how to prepare your dog for the new addition to your family.