Behavior Library - Behavior Problems

Aggression Toward People

Learn what aggression looks like and how to address aggressive behavior in your dog.

Alone Time Training Game

Teach your dog to be left alone without setting off his anxiety with this training game.  See also Separation-Related Problems, Independence Training, Crate Training, and KONG Stuffing handouts for more information.

Attention Seeking

Learn what attention-seeking behaviors look like and how to address them in your dog.


Learn why dogs bark and how to address barking from your dog.


Learn why dogs beg and how to address begging behaviors in your dog.


Learn why dogs chew and how to address your dog’s chewing.

Counter Surfing

Learn why dogs jump up on counters and how to address this behavior.

Dog-Dog Aggression Off Leash

Learn why dogs are aggressive to other dogs while off leash in a dog park and how to address this behavior.

Dog-Dog Aggression On Leash

Learn why dogs are aggressive to other dogs while on leash and how to address this behavior.

Excitement and Fear Urination during Greeting

Learn ways to address excitement and fear urination by your dog during greetings.

Fearful Behavior

Learn how to recognize fearful behavior from your dog and address it.

Food and Resource Guarding

Learn what food and resource guarding is and how to address it.


Learn about the various types of house-soiling and how to address them.  See also House-Training Your Puppy, House-Training Your Dog, and Crate Training Your Dog, Marking, Submissive and Excitement Urination, and Separation-Related Problems handouts for more information.

House-Training Adult Dog

Learn how to house-train your dog.  See also Crate Training Your Dog handout for more information.

Independence Training

Learn how to train your puppy or dog to be more independent when left alone.  See also KONG Stuffing handout for more information.


Learn why dogs jump and how to teach yours not to jump.