By Krista Maloney, SF SPCA Communications and Engagement Manager

Each year the San Francisco SPCA’s programs and services reach 250,000 people, which is nearly one-third of the population of the City. From veterinary services to adoptions and events like Holiday Windows, the SF SPCA touches almost every part of the San Francisco community.

One of our most significant impacts on San Francisco has been the result of our 30-year partnership with San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SF ACC).  In 1994, five years after SF ACC was established, the two organizations signed the Adoption Pact. This agreement states that the SF SPCA will take any adoptable animal that SF ACC cannot place and work towards saving all treatable animals as well. Simply put, no adoptable animal in San Francisco will go without a home.

The Adoption Pact continues to influence our work every day. Thanks in large part to this unprecedented agreement, last year San Francisco’s Live Release Rate climbed to 94 percent, the highest ever in San Francisco and one of the highest of any major American city!

In the last 10 years alone, the SF SPCA has transferred more than 20,000 animals from SF ACC into its adoption program, many of which had medical or behavioral issues.

One of those lucky animals was Mister, a handsome 12-year-old cat. Mister was diagnosed with dental disease and feline osteoarthritis, age-related arthritis that does not have a cure but can sometimes be slowed with supplements. Mister’s adopter, Richard, had been searching for a senior cat when he found Mister on our website.

“When I met Mister in person, I felt we might be a good match, but my friends urged me to meet two other cats,” said Richard. “So I did, but Mister kept popping back into my mind. When the volunteer helping me suggested someone else might get him in the meantime, I immediately told her I wanted him. I panicked!”

Richard rushed back over to Mister and adopted him that day.

“I knew I would love whatever cat came home with me, but I didn’t realize we were going to be such a perfect match. Thanks to all of you for keeping him safe until we could meet up.”

Each day countless animals, like Mister, are saved through the SF SPCA’s programs and partnerships. We’re proud of the SF SPCA’s 151-year history of service in San Francisco. The impact we’re able to have on San Francisco’s animals, and the people who love them, is because of your support. Thank you!

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