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Rue is a beautiful puppy who loves to learn new things, play sniffing games, and pretend she’s an avalanche search and rescue dog when in the snow! She is incredibly smart and absolutely loves those who give her the time and space to connect on her terms. She LOVES other dogs (though currently lives as an only pup), but is very anxious and fearful of new people and has a tendency for resource guarding. If you go at her pace, and she decides you are her person, she’ll become the most loving, sweet, and playful puppy – watch out for some sloppy kisses! Rue is an intellectual and with the right training and structure will absolutely thrive. The ideal place for Rue would be in a more suburban or rural environment with plenty of space to get the grass zoomies (it’s the cutest thing you’ll see) and sniff out the local creatures. She’d likely do best in a home without kids and a person/people that have the time, knowledge, and resources to dedicate to continued training. She is an incredibly quick learner and has overcome a significant portion of her anxieties with consistent practice. To be transparent, she has bitten a friend of ours (someone she loves, but isn’t around regularly) in a resource guardian episode. The bite was inhibited, but broke the skin. She’s quick to apologize when she spirals into a bad decision though. We would love to expand further about this very special girl and sincerely hope the right match will come along for her. The decision to re-home Rue has been incredibly difficult for us and has not been lacking tears, but we ultimately want to do what’s best for her, and unfortunately don’t feel we can give her all that she needs. Please reach out if you think you could be the Shaggy to her Scooby!

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Phone: (303) 668-3000

Facts About Me
Age Less than 1 y
Gender Female
Breed 54% German Shepherd, 13% Border Collie, 10% Austrailian Cattle
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