My Story

Fanny (Fanny-May to her human sister) is a very healthy, sweet 17 year old feline, well cared for and much loved. She is mourning the recent loss of her beloved human, seeking a new forever home, human to share her love and considerable personality with. Fanny is a sweet, affectionate girl who loves to be close to her human, preferring to sit beside you contentedly rather than on your lap. She has been very well cared for and enjoys great health for an elder of the species, retaining her playful ways while enjoying the wisdom that comes with age. Fanny has lived indoors her entire life, enjoying a taste of the out of doors, chasing sun puddles and bird watching in the safety of her catio. She has a very sweet nighttime ritual. Like most felines, she likes to prove her prowess as a huntress, share her spoils with her pride, her human. Each evening at her human’s bedtime Fanny retrieves a stuffy and proceeds down the darkened hall to her human, meowing all the way to announce the success of her hunt, only releasing her gift once her human has acknowledged her skill and contribution to the household. Fanny has been the only non-human in her house and has thrived as the sole companion to her human mother. We believe this is the ideal situation for her but would be open to others if you are inclined to want to parent this wonderful creature. Fanny-May has considerable more love to give, life to live and will be a blessing to the one fortunate enough to welcome her into their life. Thank you for looking. Please share Fanny’s info with family and friends.

Contact Melissa
Phone: (415) 847-2406

Facts About Me
Age 17 y
Gender Female
Breed Tabby
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