My Story

We love our Cessie Kitty. It’s Cessie with a hard “C”. She is a fluff ball with beautiful golden eyes who loves to talk. She’s quirky too. Loves to lay in bathtub, drawers, towel closets, loves them. One time we went on a trip, and our friends were staying at our place care for her. A day went by and they were worried cause they couldn’t find her. Turned out she had been sleeping happily in my closet the whole time. She is also fascinated by light reflections, and loves to watch and stalk them.
We have loved her for six years but we will be leaving the country this coming November. We will be traveling around a lot, for the next few years and won’t be able to bring her with us so we’re hoping to find a loving home for her to transfer into before we go.

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Email: picolee@gmail.com
Phone: (415) 200-7972

Facts About Me
Age 6 y
Gender Female
Breed Unknown
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