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Hello there! This is Freddie. The sweetest most affectionate, silly, cuddly, handsome and loving collie-pit mix around who think’s he’s a lap dog. We’d been fostering dogs for about a year in SF and took Freddie in at the start of the pandemic when the shelters needed to get dogs into homes. We immediately well in love and adopted him. Good thing too, because if it weren’t for him, I’m not sure our marriage would have survived the pandemic lockdown! But our lives have changed in a big way and we’re moving overseas and can’t take him with us. So we’re looking for the perfect home for him. He loves going on walks and chasing cats and squirrels. He has a strong pray drive, but doesn’t mean he’s aggressive. Just mean’s he’s often on the hunt for stuff…it’s pretty cute when he chases butterflies. He talks A LOT! It’s really funny. He makes sounds when he’s excited, happy, sad, confused, etc. He loves a good game of fetch and brings the ball right back, but a simple walk around the neighborhood, or just the ability to sunbathe in a yard is sufficient. He’s healthy and loves to play with our 8 nephews and nieces and lets them chase him around like he’s one of the kids. We’ve taken him wine tasting, to dog friendly restaurants, and on tons of road trips. He looks like he’s tough, but he’s all bark and no bite. We’re trying to find a family member who will take him, but it’s not looking great, so if you’re looking for an amazing loyal furry friend, Freddie could be perfect for you. He’d do really well in a home with another dog (not a requirement) but something to consider if you’re looking for a friend for your existing pet.

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Phone: (310) 430-1091

Facts About Me
Age 5 y
Gender Male
Breed Border Collie & Pit
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