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Half of a bonded pair, 3 yr old Memow is an incredibly good boy, probably the “chillest” cat you’ll ever meet; He honestly has the personality of an older cat, and is wise beyond his years despite his silly little face. He will put up with a lot, which is a good thing because his sister, Mona, balances him out with a much more spunky and youthful personality! These two littermates cannot tolerate being separated, they’ve been together since birth and are bonded. They are not vocal at all, and very well behaved. They are both cuddly and playful, but can entertain themselves, especially with the plethora of accessories they have: cat trees, litter boxes, lots of toys, beds, bowls, scratchers, automatic feeder, water fountain, etc. Memow is slightly tubby, and has urinary crystals that are managed with a special diet (Urinary SD Dry Food), but is otherwise a very healthy young man!

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Phone: (707) 484-4010

Facts About Me
Age 3 y
Gender Male
Breed shorthair
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