My Story

Chrissy is a wonderful, affectionate, outgoing, and talkative cat. She loves laps and pets and will happily seek attention when there are humans around. She is small but rotund and meaty (like a meatball) and has a bunny tail! She contributes a great amount of liveliness and energy to a home and can become a blanket for one’s lap. She also gets along well with other cats and has been living with at least one other cat for over 12 years now. She also does well outdoors and enjoys sunbathing and even wandering the yard. Chrissy thrives best when she is in a home with no dogs. She is a queen and she will let the other animals and humans know.

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Phone: (415) 810-3133

Facts About Me
Age 15 y
Gender Female
Breed Domestic Shorthair
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