Skye (Left in Photo)

My Story

Skye and Merida, both listed, were born at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 near a gas station and cricket field in Mumbai, India. I lived there at the time and fed their mother on a regular basis. Two of her six puppies were hit by cars and did not survive. Skye and Merida has parvovirus and, after I took them in and sought care, both survived. We were able to find homes for their two siblings before departing India, but brought Skye and Merida with us when we could not secure homes for them. While they can fight with each other over food, they are very close and Merida in particular relies on Skye to feel comfortable. They both maintain some of the street sense in that they are always hunting for food and enjoy barking at noises, but overall, they are very sweet.

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Phone: (202) 631-9106

Facts About Me
Age 2 y
Gender Female
Breed Indian Street Dog - Mixed
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