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We adopted Sunshine from the Central California SPCA in July of 2020. When we met her at the shelter, she immediately charmed us with her many kisses and her kind eyes. She was very gentle with us and patient, letting us poke and prod her without any issue. From the beginning, Sunshine has been a very loveable “people-dog.” She is an expert at couch snuggling and charms almost everyone she meets. In many ways, she has been a great companion, amicable to people, car rides (her word is “adventure”) and San Francisco weather (she will lay in the sun for hours on our patio).

However, despite our long experience caring for dogs, we have had some behavioral and medical issues that have put a large amount of stress on us—to the point where we are no longer the right caretakers for her. We believe Sunshine needs a different living situation to thrive. Ideally a “fuller” household, perhaps with a puppy or MAYBE an older male dog that she can roughhouse with. (She is a one-on-one dog; great with puppies and very hit or miss with larger dogs, espcially female.) Given her love of people, she would also do really well in a large family or one with kids (she is very sweet around children, though may need to be monitored to make sure she does not play too rough). She seems happiest when she can be part of the bustle—hanging out with people, getting to go places, meeting others and exercising her boundless curiosity. She can handle most of the aspects of city life, though she might be happier in a place with less stimulus and interactions with other dogs. She would be much happier with easier access to outdoor space because she has a kidney condition that makes her urinate frequently (we have to go through a bunch of doors/stairs to get her to the bathroom).

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Facts About Me
Age 4 y
Gender Female
Breed Pit bull mix
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