Lucille Ball & Theodore (Theo) Bartholomew

My Story

Lucille Ball and Theodore (Theo) Bartholomew are the odd couple. Theo is 7, and Lucille is 1.5. They both enjoy walks; Lucille especially enjoys time on the porch to bird watch. Theo likes time on the porch to bark at the wind, but maybe he’s just singing. They play well together and can be a bit rambunctious in the morning, but they’re having fun together. They are on a grain-free diet (their current kibble is salmon and pea based). They like the treats called “Little Plates” (very small, only give a few). Keep socks and shoes secured from Lucille or give her an old sock to play with. They both potty morning, around noon, and around 6pm.

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Phone: (919) 749-5387

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Female
Breed Husky
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