My Story

Saskia is an energetic, loving, and perfect hiking buddy – but we just had a baby and while she loves the baby a lot, her energy is too much for a house with small kids. She’s an incredibly great house-dog (no accidents or chewing, can be left all day and will be calm). Saskia also has a scar down her back from when she was a puppy and first rescued.

Pros: loving, very well potty trained (0 accidents in 3 years), no anxiety left alone, no chewing, easy to train for basic commands, chills by my side at work all day.
Cons: doesn’t always like all other dogs (may lunge and bark on walks occasionally) and may be territorial around them (eg food guarding), not always great recall off-leash if she gets distracted, high energy around kids, wants to chase the cat.

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Phone: (321) 332-3587

Facts About Me
Age 4 y
Gender Female
Breed Lab pit mix
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