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Koda is a 1.5 year old German Shepherd mixed male who loves bananas, ice cubes, and sweet potatoes. On top of being an all-around goofball and sweetheart, he is always very excited to see his “friends” (a guitar, a vacuum, a package). He is a high-energy dog that loves walks and hikes so individuals with active lifestyles would be a good fit! Koda has too many funny little quirks to list, but he will always keep you on your toes. He’s also incredibly intelligent and always eager to learn a new trick. Koda loves to play tug of war, naw on his dental chews, and vocalise his thoughts 🙂

Unfortunately, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to work on re-homing Koda. Koda has his moments of reactiveness, and while we’ve tried our best effort, we do not have the right environment or right set of tools to help him live his best life. He is currently staying with his trainer (Primal Canine), and living much more comfortably being a happy playful dog running around the yard.

Koda is an amazing dog with a unique quirky personality, yet requires owner(s) who can maintain boundaries with him and meet his level of physical/mental engagement. We all want to set up Koda for success so I am willing to financially assist in the process to help folks get started with food, donate his toys/treats/kennel, etc. Additionally, his trainer has generously offered to give a set of handling lessons to his next owners.

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Email: edgarhernandezch@gmail.com
Phone: (831) 214-6988

Facts About Me
Age 1 y
Gender Male
Breed German Shepard Mix
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